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Sheriff Cole Garza denies facing supernatural forces during a terrible attack on his small town. Eccentric French priest Francois Domaine arrives on the scene and proclaims a hard truth about good vs. evil. They team with skeptical technology genius Nadine May on an incredible quest to solve a deadly mystery.

They travel first to Wales and the scene of another shocking nightmare, then on to the ISIS enclaves of Syria where the stakes rise even higher.

Can these three ordinary people find answers while Middle East war rages around them? They need to, because the potential fate of millions hangs on it.

If you like wall-to-wall suspense, non-stop action, and the inspirational story of good people standing against evil, then you’ll love this roller-coaster ride of adventure and faith.

Amazon Reviews:  Superbly written, no drags, no slow starts, just hop on board and ride the express to the end.”

“Great read. Vince Milam’s characters are fresh, well drawn and perfectly matched to become a trio of warriors determined to hunt down and destroy the evil that walks among us. The plot is so timely and well thought out that I bought into the author’s premise from page one and totally forgot this book is billed as a “supernatural thriller.”

“An impeccably written supernatural/action-adventure piece with a new, super-modern stance on the familiar storyline. I can tell you now that it was a struggle to put this excellent book down.”

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Pretty Little Creatures is a no-holds-barred battle of good vs evil. A small-town sheriff cannot accept he’s been chosen. An enigmatic French priest asks for help against a dark force. An eccentric technology genius discovers a diabolical conspiracy. And they are joined by a stunning CIA professional killer with a clear and final solution to any problem.

Together they struggle against the leaders of an illicit diamond trade and the foul entity providing the slave labor. Have they won? The doggedness of the technology genius and the assuredness of the French priest uncover deeper plans—a game of misdirection and intrigue masterminded by a powerful supernatural enemy.

The stakes rapidly rise as the trail leads them into the wild heartland of a Mexican drug cartel—a launching point to unleash a hellish scenario into the U.S. The final conflict looms as forces for good and evil muster for battle, joined by Navy Seals, Texas Rangers, and the CIA. Can three regular people prevent this incredible terrorist attack? They need to, because failure will forevermore alter the life of every American.

If you like wall-to-wall suspense, non-stop action, and the inspirational story of good people standing against evil, then you’ll love this roller-coaster ride tale of adventure and faith.

Amazon Reviews: “Vince Milam is rapidly becoming my favorite author. I absolutely LOVE the way Milam develops his characters.”

“Edge of your seat suspense, caring for the characters and a tale well told make for first class reading.”

“Pretty Creatures is a wild ride, indeed. By the time the story culminates in the Mexican desert, the Texas Rangers, Navy Seals and a “company” hit team join the trio for the shootout of all shootouts, which makes the gunfire at the OK Corral seem like a bridge party.”

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Gather the Seekers FRONT_FIN (1)

An epic adventure of good vs. evil as supernatural forces clash. A small-town sheriff denies his calling as a Seeker. An unusual French priest proclaims a great quest is underway. And a beautiful technology genius uncovers a diabolical terrorist conspiracy, masterminded in the evil enclaves of ISIS.

A force, clean and bright, pulls the trio into an alliance with previously unknown Seekers. Their initial endeavors to stop the terror fails. Unleashed on America, the jihad is so far reaching every law enforcement service is brought in to combat the daily attacks.

Can it be stopped as America grinds to a halt? The frustration level of law enforcement rises by the day. All eyes turn to the Seekers. Their failure would forevermore alter the life of every American.

If you like wall-to-wall suspense, non-stop action, and the inspirational story of good people standing against evil, then you’ll love this roller-coaster ride of adventure and faith.

“A #1 Thriller!” “I hope my heart stops pounding soon!” “Edge of your seat excitement.” “Not since Frank Peretti has a writer brought these two worlds together like Vince has.” Amazon Reviewers

“Vince Milam has done it again!! This is another “can’t put down” action adventure. You feel like you know the characters and if you haven’t been to the locations in real life, they are easily visualized in your mind.” Kindle Reviewer

“Vince Milam at his best, as he addresses the many aspects of life on the globe at present.” Kindle Reviewer

“Vince Milam definitely has the good mojo rolling in Gather the Seekers, the third in his Challenged World Series, where unlikely warriors do battle with evil incarnate.” Kindle Reviewer

“Vince Milam, draws you in, and before you know it you are a part of the story. I loved the characters and how it was written! The descriptions were delightful! If you want a good ,fast , and intriguing read, look no further!!!!” Kindle Reviewer

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When a mysterious client asks former Delta Force operator Case Lee to investigate a rebellion in South America, he uncovers an incredible global conspiracy. Welcome to revolution, murder, and behind-the-curtains intrigue. As events unfold, the spies and mercenaries come to a hard realization. You may mess with a lot on this good earth, but you don’t mess with Case Lee.

With a murdered wife and a bounty on his head, Case lives an isolated life on the Ace of Spades, an old wooden cruiser plying the waters of the Intracoastal Waterway from Virginia to Florida. His only friends are a collection of former Delta Force teammates spread across the globe. And an enigmatic broker of clandestine information, Jules of the Clubhouse.

Case wants out. But when he returns from South America, bounty hunters arrive. And in their search for him discover his special skills. Very special skills.

If you like Jack Reacher and Mitch Rapp, you’ll love this new novel from acclaimed author Vince Milam.

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