Audiobook Adventures

Well, The Suriname Job continues to sell like gangbusters.  I couldn’t be more thrilled. And soon to come – the Audiobook.  It’s been a rewarding experience.

Crafting an audition script, auditioning voice actors, and working through the selection process. Then working with the voice actor – Tim Dixon – on character backgrounds, inflections, and proof-listening. We should have it wrapped up mid-October. It will be available on Amazon, iTunes, and

Meanwhile, the second Case Lee mystery is 75% complete (the final Draft). Then off to the editor. It’s titled The New Guinea Job. I worked over a year in Papua New Guinea, and the first part of the new book brings in those sights, sounds, smells, and textures. Case Lee once again wades through intrigue, mystery, and deadly gamesmanship. It’s been a fun ride writing this tale.

The Suriname Job Released

The Suriname Job – the first of the new Case Lee series – is available on Amazon.

It includes sights and sounds and senses from my stint in Suriname, working on a project. And, yes, a revolution kicked off while I was living there.

The burnt-out vehicles on the road, the mix of government and rebel forces, the gunfire at night – all happened. As did contracting the mercenary helicopter pilot to fly a side-gig for me between his transporting-the-president-around duties. And, yes, I tracked the merc down in a brothel. He lived there. Not my finest moment. But I’m hoping those experiences add authenticity to the tale.

First Case Lee Novel At Editor

My esteemed editor, Fang, will have his final edit of The Suriname Job completed this week.  I’ve also received input from my ART (Advance Reader Team) regarding the final draft – and their input has been, as always, invaluable.  The cover art is done and it should be published mid-April.   This is the first in a new series featuring Case Lee.

Case Lee. A bounty on his head. Widowed, haunted, pursued.
A mysterious client asks Case to investigate a rebellion in South America. It should have been a simple assignment. Until he finds himself in the middle of a global chess match. Revolution, murder, and behind-the-curtains intrigue.
Through it all, revolutionaries and spies and mercenaries come to a hard realization. You may mess with a lot on this good earth, but you don’t mess with Case Lee.
If you like the non-stop action of Lee Child, Brad Thor, and Daniel Silva you’ll love this roller-coaster ride tale of global intrigue and deadly payback.

New Novel to Editor

Whew! The third novel in the Challenged World series – titled “Gather The Seekers” – has been sent to my editor.  The final draft process included printing it out, reading it aloud, and making changes – primarily in the dialogue (reading it aloud is a big help in that regard).

The intrepid trio of Cole, Nadine, and Francois are joined by others with the same “radar” to hone in on evil activities – all wrapped around a tale of ISIS waging jihad in America.

Action-packed, the tale presents Jude Gill, a spiritual warrior from San Francisco with tats, spiked hair, and an attitude. She is joined by Luke Sikes from Virginia, another spiritual warrior. Luke is a former NFL linebacker and brings a spiritual ferocity to the tale.  These two – Jude and Luke – join our Francois the French priest as a potent trio of seekers.

Every spiritual warrior needs secular help. Francois is again aided by Nadine and Cole, while Jude is assisted by Jean Murphy – a retired cop. Jean holds little truck with malfeasance, having been hardened by the mean streets of Oakland. Luke’s aide-de-camp is Nick Capellas, a Department of Homeland Security agent. Nick is young, handsome (“eye candy” according to Nadine), and unsure at best of the eclectic team he has been pulled into.

Jihad in America. A plot hatched at the headquarters of ISIS in Raqqa, Syria and aided by dark forces. The terror begins and Cole, Nadine, Francois, Jude, Jean, Luke, and Nick must work together to stop the ongoing killing. Toss in Zuhdi Kouri, the Homeland Security anti-terror leader. Zuhdi is a decorated Army Ranger, Nebraska Cornhusker, and Muslim.  He hates ISIS with a white-hot passion. The tale also sees the return of Check, the hard-bitten CIA agent ensconced in Turkey on the Syrian border. Check teams with Nadine team to open a can on the ISIS leaders in Raqqa.

Gather The Seekers is a tale you won’t want to put down.  Expect to see it in late February, early March.

All the best, Vince

Cover Art Done

Well, the cover art has been delivered and I’m thrilled with it.  It’s been a tough image to pull together and convey such a wide theme.

Gather the Seekers FRONT_FIN (1)

Non-stop terrorist attacks. America grinds to a halt. Only a remarkable team of unusual people findviagrapills – home page can stop it.

Evil stirs. Cole, Nadine, and Francois gather.  They are drawn into an alliance with previously unknown seekers. Fellow spiritual warriors.

Jude Gill, a pastor from San Francisco with tats and piercings. Her ally—Jean Murphy, a retired Oakland cop and current private investigator with an attitude.

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Add Luke Sikes, a bishop in Virginia and former NFL linebacker.  His reluctant partner—a young DHS agent more interested in career and girlfriends than addressing supernatural evil.

The gathering of seekers uncover a horrific terrorist plot, masterminded by a powerful source nested in the evil enclaves of ISIS. Their initial endeavors to stop the terror fails. Unleashed on America, the jihad is so far reaching and diabolical that every law enforcement service is brought in to combat the daily attacks.

Can it be stopped as America grinds to a halt? The frustration level of law enforcement rises by the day. All eyes turn to the gathering of seekers. Their failure would forevermore alter the life of every American.

Gather The Seekers Released!

Whew! I just kicked the third novel in the Challenged World series out the door. Mercy…it took longer than I’d anticipated. Doesn’t it alway.

I’ve already received some marvelous reviews, and I’m so, so grateful for those. They truly mean a lot – tamping down writer’s angst and providing validation.

I believe this book delivers on my main goal: A Tale Well Told. My editor, David Antrobus, deserves a great deal of credit. As does Rick Holland for the cover artwork.

And I can’t thank my Advanced Reader Team enough – superlative ideas and corrections. A special thanks to a fan-now-friend who, it turns out, is a Benedictine monk with a PhD in Spirituality. My theological consultant. Didn’t see that one coming! I’m truly blessed with such tremendous readers, and they are all precious to me.


The Journey Begins

Mercy.  The process of putting together my first novel reached far beyond the writing.  The story editor (U.S.), the line editor (Canadian), the cover art (Serbia), and the blurb writing (New Zealand) certainly points out the inter-connectivity of our world.

Thanks for the unbelievable reviews!

You never know.  Your story editor tells you it’s good.  Your line editor tells you its good (once you make his suggested changes – of which there were many, and rightfully so).  Friends, family, and your pet dog all express that it’s a good novel.  But you never know until it’s out there for the public to digest and review.

My greatest surprise-and great pleasure-was an Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer that give the novel 5 Stars!  Mercy, that was quite an affirmation.  Then, as the novel began to sell, more reviews have come in on both Amazon and Goodreads.  I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel (and how validated).  Because, you never know.

I was immediately snatched up by this book. I really appreciated how fast paced it was, definitely lives up to the ‘Thriller’ genre. Evil Runs impressed me in more ways than medicinebay one. I found Vince Milam’s writing style very smooth and easy to follow. I was actually shocked when I found out Evil Runs was His debut work!

Vince writes incredibly well for a first novel, and while this reviewer is not usually drawn to the supernatural, this story is so well crafted that once begun it must be devoured as quickly as possible. Be aware there is a new thriller writer with a brisk imagination who is beginning to enter the terrain of exploring evil.

I won’t be forgetting this story for a long time and I can’t wait for a sequel!

I was immediately drawn into this fast-paced story, and found Vince Milam’s writing style very satisfying and easy to read, and hard to believe that this is his debut novel.

“Evil Runs” grabbed me from the very first page. It’s one of those books that you don’t want to put down but you make yourself do it just because you hate to see it end.

Great book — I loved the fast pace. I didn’t realize that this was Milam’s debut book until afterwards. Very impressive!

The Really Fun Part

My third novel is in the fun stage. The really fun stage. The story arc is developed, characters and their individual tales are fleshed out, and the novel begins to have a life of its own.

I use a tool called Scrivener as my word processor, and it allows me to write scenes and chapters which can be easily moved about and placed at different locations in the overall tale. Scrivener fits my writing style. There are scenes I know will be in the story but unsure of “where” just yet.  And the ‘corkboard’ function of Scrivener – a series of index cards representing scenes and chapters – is particularly handy for moving elements of the story around. Fun stuff.

The outcome of this endeavor will be Draft 1. Then Draft 2, 3, and (typically) 4.  Then off to the editor, who pounds on the manuscript (rightfully so), I produce a final draft, and then back to the editor for a final edit. Voila! The polished novel is ready to go. In all candor, it’s always fairly daunting to think about what’s ahead, but for now the story creation and character development is incredibly engaging.  And, the more mature the novel becomes, the more the characters talk to me.  They tell me where to go, what to do. They come to life. Truly, this is the really fun part.